BingX Exchange is celebrating its 5th anniversary with various special events.

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Upon entering the BingX Exchange main page, you’re greeted with a banner showcasing numerous events. For simplicity, let’s first click on the prominent number ‘5’.





The event banner is divided into three sections:

  1. A balance of minimum 500USDT. Spot trades over 2,000 dollars/10,000 dollars, and an airdrop event of Cheems Coin on depositing a certain amount (5,000 dollars).
  2. Futures Trading Event, Coinfall Craze mini-game to earn coins (daily).
  3. Copy Trading Contest.

These three events require significant investment, such as deposits over 5,000 dollars or 10,000 dollars. Thus, it’s challenging to recommend participation blindly. So, let’s focus on the daily mini-game in the Futures Trading Contest where you can earn coins for free.





First, you need to access the BingX Exchange from a PC, not a mobile app.

Once you click ‘Join Now’ at the bottom of the event page, the event starts immediately! It runs from May 14th, 2023 to June 10th, 2023, and you can participate once a day during this period.



| The Coinfall Craze is a mini-game where you collect falling coins on the BingX platform.

The countdown starts right away, so be ready! After the countdown from 5 to 1, coins start raining down.





For 10 seconds, coins fall rather quickly. I lost 4 seconds trying to capture the screen. I moved the mouse hastily and didn’t manage to click much. I hope those participating in the BingX Exchange coin airdrop event after reading this post will be more careful and aim for 100 clicks.

For reference, I managed to click on…








Two coins only!

Tomorrow, I plan to prepare better, avoid capturing the screen, and focus on clicking diligently.







The ‘Multiply’ button reveals conditions for doubling your coins, with a minimum of 30 USDT required in your Feature account. However, since you can lose everything in one fell swoop in the trading contest (although experts might profit, there seem to be only a few real crypto experts in the world), it’s advisable not to participate in trading. The trading contest offers a first-place prize of 100,000 USDT, but I can’t even imagine winning.







Additional details pop up when you click on the ‘Multiply’ button. I deposited exactly 30USDT for the event, but nothing got activated. I’m considering converting up to 500USDT to activate one more feature.

BingX Exchange is hosting various events for its 5th anniversary from May 14, 2023. It’s only been a day since the event started, so I’m quickly sharing this information via ReferralCodescom.

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BingX Exchange Referral Code : 45% Fee Discount and KYC Guide