​MEXC Global, a top-ranked cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap as of April 24th, 2023, boasts the 14th highest daily futures trading volume. The platform supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, offering trading pairs for not only major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also over 200 other digital currencies.

One of the biggest advantages of MEXC Global is its low trading fees, providing significant savings for frequent futures traders. By using the referral code “mexc-1L7Ws” from Referral codescom, users can receive an additional 10% discount on all transaction fees.


The MEXC Global exchange offers a user-friendly mobile app, making it easy for crypto trading beginners to navigate. At the same time, it provides advanced trading features for experienced traders, including margin trading that allows users to borrow funds to expand their trades.

Unique features of MEXC Global include a kickstarter for MX Token Holders and a Launchpad where users can receive various Token Airdrops. Ongoing M-Day events using MX Tokens offer multiple opportunities for those who purchase and hold the tokens.

To trade on MEXC Global with a 10% fee discount, sign up using the following link or enter the referral code “mexc-1L7Ws” during registration to receive the discounted fee benefits.