30% trading fee discount referral code for OKX Exchange, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency futures trading platform.

30% trading fee discount referral code for OKX Exchange, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency futures trading platform.


The global cryptocurrency marketplace is a highly competitive space. As the quest for the leading position continues, OKX cryptocurrency exchange has shown significant advancement. Based on CoinMarketCap, a reputable site for comparing global cryptocurrency exchange trade volumes, OKX has ascended to the 2nd spot, overtaking Bybit in futures trading volume.

But this isn’t the only remarkable thing about OKX. They offer a lucrative opportunity that may entice both new and seasoned traders alike – a generous 30% discount on trading fees. To benefit from this offer, users need to enter the referral code “64912533” during sign-up.
By joining OKX via the following link, https://www.okx.com/join/64912533, new members can save 20% on trading fees.

As the Bitcoin halving event is anticipated to take place in about a year, no one knows exactly when it will occur. Yet, those who prepare in advance stand a chance to amass wealth, while those who don’t may fall behind. Are you ready to prepare for the future? Because I am. And the reason is simple – I want to be rich.






BingX Exchange Referral Code : 45% Fee Discount and KYC Guide

BingX Exchange Referral Code : 45% Fee Discount and KYC Guide

Today, we’re introducing the BingX Exchange’s 45% trading fee discount with a referral code and a step-by-step guide on KYC verification. By completing the KYC verification, you can also receive a 50 USDT gift.

As of April 27, 2023, the BingX Exchange ranks 17th on CoinMarketCap for futures trading volume.
To receive a 45% trading fee discount, sign up via the link below. It’s recommended to sign up on a web browser rather than using the app. If you prefer, you can manually input the referral code P0WG2YXQ when signing up directly on the site.




Once you’ve clicked the link, you should see the 45% rebate offer. Proceed to sign up with your email or mobile number.



BingX Exchange KYC Verification Guide

  1. Download the BingX app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the ‘Register/Login’ button on the main screen.
  3. Since you’ve already registered via web, click on ‘Login’ in the top right corner and sign in.
  1. After logging in, click on the box icon in the top left corner (My Page icon).
  2. To proceed with KYC verification, click on ‘Verification’.
  3. BingX’s KYC process is slightly different, as it combines ID verification and selfie in one step. Click ‘Continue’ at the bottom.
  1. First, select your country.
  2. Choose the type of identification you’d like to use (driver’s license, national ID, or passport) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Ensure your ID is readable, then click ‘Document is readable’ to complete this step.


  1. Next, it’s time for a selfie. Move your phone so your face fits within the square, and the sensor will automatically detect it.
    Make sure your appearance matches the ID photo, and remove any hats or sunglasses before taking the selfie.
  2. After the selfie is automatically taken, close the window by clicking the ‘X’ button in the top left corner.
  1. You’ll see ‘Pending Review’ under the ‘Verification’ status. While you wait, enhance your account security by clicking on the ‘Security’ button.
  2. Click on the ‘Link’ button next to ‘Google Authentication’ to set up Google OTP.
  3. If you already have Google OTP, simply add BingX Exchange using the seed phrase. If not, download the Google OTP app by clicking the ‘Download’ button at the top of the screen

.• Setting up Google OTP adds an extra layer of security to protect your assets, so don’t skip this step.


1,2. After completing Google OTP, the ‘verification’ process is done. If you see the green ‘Verified’ text, you’re good to go!



1. Upon visiting the Reward Hub, there’s a check-in button that offers a 10 USDT voucher when clicked. Exciting!
2. There are even more rewards available. See below for details.
3. If ‘Authenticated’ appears under ‘Verification’, the account has completed KYC authentication.

• A brief summary of key rewards

1. Receive a 50 USDT bonus just for completing KYC authentication.
2. Deposit 500 USDT for trading and receive 20 USDT.
3. Get 10 USDT for your first buy/sell order.
4. Achieve a cumulative trading volume of 800,000 USD and receive 220 USDT.

These are just a few of the available rewards.



  1. Upon checking the Assets, 50 USDT is credited right after KYC authentication is completed.
  2. However, the bonus cannot be converted to regular funds. Instead, use the bonus for trading, and any profit earned can be withdrawn. It might be challenging to turn 50 USD into 50,000 USD, but consider withdrawing any profit you make.

Lastly, signing up for BingX Exchange using the link below grants you a 45% fee rebate.To get the fee discount, it is recommended to sign up using a PC or mobile Chrome browser rather than the app.If you prefer not to use the link, simply enter the referral code P0WG2YXQ when registering directly on the website.


MEXC Global: Low Fees, 200+ Cryptos & MX Token Perks

MEXC Global: Low Fees, 200+ Cryptos & MX Token Perks

​MEXC Global, a top-ranked cryptocurrency exchange on CoinMarketCap as of April 24th, 2023, boasts the 14th highest daily futures trading volume. The platform supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, offering trading pairs for not only major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum but also over 200 other digital currencies.

One of the biggest advantages of MEXC Global is its low trading fees, providing significant savings for frequent futures traders. By using the referral code “mexc-1L7Ws” from Referral codescom, users can receive an additional 10% discount on all transaction fees.


The MEXC Global exchange offers a user-friendly mobile app, making it easy for crypto trading beginners to navigate. At the same time, it provides advanced trading features for experienced traders, including margin trading that allows users to borrow funds to expand their trades.

Unique features of MEXC Global include a kickstarter for MX Token Holders and a Launchpad where users can receive various Token Airdrops. Ongoing M-Day events using MX Tokens offer multiple opportunities for those who purchase and hold the tokens.

To trade on MEXC Global with a 10% fee discount, sign up using the following link or enter the referral code “mexc-1L7Ws” during registration to receive the discounted fee benefits.

Get Bitget Referral Code

Get Bitget Referral Code

On March 29, 2023, Bitget exchange was ranked sixth in CoinMarketCap’s daily futures trading volume. While I introduced Bybit as the second-ranked exchange and OKX as the third-ranked exchange in a previous blog post, today I would like to share Bitget’s referral code that offers a 50% discount on fees.



Here is the link for partners to offer a 50% discount on fees for Bitget:


By clicking on the image, you will be taken to the Bitget referral code registration page that offers a 50% discount on fees.


When you click the link, you will see the screen shown above with the Referral Code section where you should write “t468“. You can sign up using any convenient method, such as email or phone number, and if you previously signed up without a fee discount, you can still enjoy the 50% fee discount by signing up with a different method (for example, if you signed up with an email address before, you can now sign up with a phone number). If you want to sign up directly in the Bitget app rather than on the web or mobile web, simply write “t468” in the Referral Code section.